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Who is Gus O'Neil?


Gus O'Neil is a jack of all trades.  Entrepreneur, musician, historian,  satirist, foodie, scoundrel Arch Duke of the Vieux Carre, and Patron Saint of girls with daddy issues.  He's about as politically uncorrect as they come, yet he's one of the most honest (and funny) people you'll ever meet.  This website is where he's come to share his (often sick) humor and life lessons with the masses.  


Born on Friday the 13th with a mojo bag full of voodoo dust, Gus O'Neil came into this world kickin' and a screaming. Ever since then he's lived life by his own rules. Saying what he wants, to whom ever he wants, where ever he wants. His wit and charm hearken back to a bygone era when people spoke their minds and had integrity. He's crass and to the point, but he's always honest. 


The Vieux Carre is his playground and his natural habitat. You may catch a glimpse of him and if you do, be sure to say hello. I'll give it to you in his own words, the motto he lives by, "Don't be intimidated, embrace the scoundrel". ~ Steve "Shambone" Gustoffson 


Is he offensive?

You!  If you're easily offended then you may not want to spend Christmas Day at the O'Neil house.  He can be crass and very opinionated.  But as he always makes clear, his opinion is just that...HIS!  He has no problem with anyone that holds a contrary opinion.  Some of the time it leads to in depth debates and discussions.  But mostly the Leftist commie that's arguing with him resorts to calling him a racist and/or bigot.  At which point Gus will acknowledge that person as a "cocksucker" and the discussion is over.

At the end of the day...

Gus is Gus. He's old fashion and grew up when family was still important.  Men were men (none of this metrosexual shit) and women were women, real women, not the Bruce Jenner kind! People worked hard, provided for themselves and their families, dressed well, and had personal pride.  Is he perfect? Not at all.  But when you need a favor, a good laugh, or just a drinking buddy, he's your scoundrel.  He's a good judge of character and once he "knows" you, his greeting when he sees you will go from pleasant and professional to "hey you cocksucker". And that's how you know he likes you.  

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