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It's all about "me"...well her.

The tragedy that is/was the Las Vegas shooting is still unfolding. It's horrible and I will never utter or mention the cock suckers name who did it. I give my condolences to the victims' families and admire the bravery that was exhibited during that horrific event. I was not there and thankful for that. I knew 2 people in Vegas on October 1st but none were at that concert.

Now let's be honest. My condolences to the families doesn't mean a damn thing. Who am I? In all reality, nobody. I'm a guy, like millions of others in this world. We all have our story, our lives, our families. We go about day to day doing what needs to be done to provide for the ones we love. And then there's this chick...

I've seen her post being forwarded around Facebook for the last few days. Now those that know me know that there is not much that bothers me, and I don't get offended. But this woman's post bothers me and I'll explain why.

I've included the post in it's entirety below and I ask you read it before you read the rest of this blog. Go ahead...I'll be right here when you get back. let me continue. Lot's of people get married in Vegas. Hell, yours truly married his first wife in Las Vegas. It happens all the time. Now I perish to think what went down in my hotel room before I stayed there. Hookers, drugs, freaky deaky shit that would make a stripper cringe. What happens there stays there and it happens all the time, in everyone's room. This woman's wedding, in the eyes of this tragedy, doesn't matter. That romantic evening (assuming it was) she shared on your first night as husband and wife was shared in a room where countless others got nasty...on that very same bed! The way most hotels operate, the sheets were probably not even changed from the guest prior.

So what bothers me? Well, she has to inject herself into this tragedy and make it all about her. HER memories of that room are now "tainted". She's upset. It's the new way of the younger generation. Never mind 58 died and 400 plus were injured. Her fucking memories were tainted! And then you have the people on Facebook sending her "thoughts and prayers". FOR WHAT? For staying in a room that thousands of others stayed in? Maybe Mellissa from Podunk, IA has tainted memories now because her first gang bang was in that room when she went to Vegas for spring break? Are we sending her thoughts and prayers? It's a such a tragedy that her memories are tainted. Well, I'm sure that anyone of the 58 dead and their families would take a tainted fucking memory over the death of a loved one any day. Count your blessings, you are alive and unscathed. But I guess for some that isn't enough. So...use this tragedy to attract sympathy from people on Facebook who throw "thoughts and Prayers" around like dirty socks into the laundry basket. I'm waiting to see her on TV, crying and expressing how her life is now changed forever because her :"memories are tainted".

I didn't want to write about anything regarding what happened in Vegas. It's horrific and EVERYONE is upset about it. It pisses people off in so many ways, on so many levels. But to inject yourself into this tragedy makes me wonder if you actually wished you were there? You want to be a part of this thing that you'll go to any length to be connected to it. That boggles my mind.

Lastly, and for the record, your "thoughts and prayers" mean as much as the condolences I offered up at the beginning of this rant. When I'm feeling down, sad, and need a "pick me up", don't send thoughts and prayers. Send me a 20 year old female Asian hooker to give me a blow job. Now that's a "pick me up". And ironically, I'm sure that happened in this chicks room on many occasions on the very same bed that she and her hubby porked on for the first time as husband and wife.

Until the next one. Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler ~ Gus O'Neil

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