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Columbus day thoughts.

Happy Columbus Day. That statement alone I'm sure will upset some of the more fragile people out there. Columbus discovered Vikings were here first. Or the Indians came over from Asia before anyone else. Yes...I called them Indians, you'll be ok. Anyway, in recent years we've seen a push to ruin Columbus and his holiday. Why? Who the fuck knows. It's the same crowd that is removing (at first) Confederate monuments, now they are moving towards the monuments of our founding fathers, and even WW1 monuments.

Their m.o. is always the same...racists this and racist that. White privilege, blacks were slaves, and I'm fucking tire of it. I've never bought or sold another human being (as I'm sure none of you have as well), and no blacks alive today were slaves. Slaves maybe to the Gub'ment Plantation of the Democratic party but we'll save that for another blog entry.

So why the constant demonization of our Forefathers, Confederates, and anyone and anything white? Well votes of course. Votes, power, money. The "Cause Du jour" is anything that goes against the very founding of our nation, as well as white, god fearing males. Were our founding fathers perfect? No. But are these ass hat (mostly democratic) career politicians perfect? FUCK NO! They're some of the biggest hypocrites known to man. Passing judgment on men that lived centuries ago but using modern eyes to do it. History should be kept in context. But by removing that context you can make every person of history out to be a villain. And that's their plan. Unless of course we're talking about Lenin, Castro, and that psychotic Che Guevara fuck head. They're ok. Murdering, degenerate assholes who combined, killed countless numbers of innocent people.

So now that everyone from our nations history is bad (except of course MLK Jr. and Malcolm X) they can start taking down all the monuments of anyone they've deemed "racist". It's always racism isn't it? Why? Because people never want to be looked at as being a racists. So when someone is called a racist they usually back pedal and stop their argument. And those screaming "racism" win. Well I don't give a shit. I'm going to be called a racist no matter what I say so I'm speaking my mind.

All of this really gained momentum when that cock sucker Mitch Landrieu started taking down Confederate statues here in my beloved New Orleans. Never mind the city is falling apart and crime is at record levels. Let's spend the money available on taking down evil statues. He can give a rats ass about anyone in New Orleans except the black voters. His real plans are to run for president and by fighting "racism" that black vote will run to the polls faster than free Nike shoe day at the Saints game. Seeing that, other political douche bags started taking all their statues down too. They don't want to be racists now do they? Of course not.

Has statue removal stopped the average body count in Chicago of 58 shot dead per month. Has it made all the neighborhoods, especially the black neighborhoods safe again? Did businesses moved back, are gangs gone, are hookers gone, are drug dealers gone, houses rebuilt, are property values are soaring? Has that been the result? Is New Orleans any better off without Robert E. Lee keeping a watchful eye over the Vieux Carre? No. But that was never the intent. The intent was to get blacks to vote for these charlatan politicians because let's be honest, the free shit is running out. So now, they'll use their fight against "racism" to take moral high ground. The Democrats own the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation. Yet they'll sit here and tell me that I am a racist simply because I am white and I was against removing historical monuments.

As our schools transitioned from places of learning, to places of political indoctrination, national pride has been vilified. Children are taught that hating America and all it stands for is righteous and morally superior to those with pride for this country. The bear was poked so to speak, when the cunt that is Hillary Clinton was defeated in the last election. Proud Americans came out of the woodwork to stand up for this nation and that makes me proud. We're deplorables, all scoundrels like myself. But when push comes to shove, it's the deplorables that rise up and keep the great idea that is the United States of America alive. And those screaming racism, fall back into the shadows and hug stuffed animals in safe rooms with all their tree hugging friends of the various 57 genders.

They can keep trying to destroy Columbus, Lee, Jackson, Washington and all the rest. You're poking the bear again and I wait patiently until the next time the deplorables put you in your place. Happy Columbus Day.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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