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WTF happened to women's eyebrows???

Even I need a break from the political discussion, especially in this day and age where EVERYTHING is politicized. So I want to ask this question: What the fuck happened to women's eyebrows? They're painted on, drawn on, tattooed on. Christ, sometimes it looks like the guy at the body shop taped them off and sprayed them on with auto paint. I mean really, who told these women that this looks good? I noticed it first in a lot of mug shots online, but then you started seeing more and more girls opting for this fucking train wreck of a look. I'll include a link at the bottom of this bitch session to a whole slew of "eyebrow fails". My God they're horrific! But funny as hell because it isn't anyone I know or care about.

I know women have been drawing in their eyebrows since God knows when. But maybe taking art out of the school curriculum was a bad idea. I mean don't learn to draw or appreciate art so now we have to suffer and look at this shit? I can't be the only one who's noticed this. Maybe their trying to make a statement? I don't know what that statement would be. Perhaps "my parents never taught me to color"? Some of these chicks would really be cute if it didn't look like the Etch-a-sketch blew a load on their forehead.

I'll leave you to ponder this and you'll probably notice it more now. You'll say to yourself "Thanks Gus, you prick, for bringing it to my attention." You're very welcome. Now go out there and try not to laugh at these broads and as promised, here is the link to more "eyebrow fails"

Until the next one. Laissez les bons tepms rouler! ~ Gus

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