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No means yes, means no, means maybe???

The fat, disgusting piece of shit that is Harvey Weinstein has certainly opened up a Pandora's Box in Hollywood. You know, all the perfect people who know everything and are what we all aspire to be? NOT! People so self indulgent with their heads so far up their own ass they can smell what they're chewing! But Harvey's sexual hang ups are really nothing new. We had Bill Cosby drugging his women giving new meaning to "lick my puddin' pop". And let's not forget Bill "The Cigar" Clinton. We all have perversions, fantasies, but some take this shit to new levels. Hell, I'd like a four way with myself, and three 19 year old redheaded triplets dressed in Wonder Woman costumes , but I'm not sure that's in the cards for me. And that's life. But these other assholes use their power, drugs, money, or all of the above to indulge themselves in their own Hugh Hefner-esque Sodom and Gomorra.

Now who's to say that you or I wouldn't do the same thing if we had power. Hell...I'd probably do it. So would you. Who doesn't like sex? I wouldn't go the Cosby route and knock them out first, I like my women aware of what it is going on. So Cosby is in a "rapey" category all his own. And let's be honest, there have been thousands upon thousands of actors and actresses who have swallowed their pride (along with something else) to get a gig. Hollywood is a cesspool of predators, degenerates, rich, poor, powerful, and naïve dreamers that just want to get a jump start (pun intended) on their acting career. THEY ALL KNOW IT GOES ON! And they all knew Harvey was doing it. So now...all the moral pillars of Hollywood are speaking out against the practice. But as usual, they're going way above and beyond in calling out who's selling acting gigs for sex.

The witch hunt is in full, chaotic swing. Harvey's brother Robert is now under the gun because a woman said that he "asked her out to dinner more than once". She eventually went to dinner with him, so what the fuck is up with that? Did he take you to Denny's? Now you're pissed because you sucked him off in the parking lot after he shoved a Grand Slam breakfast down your pie hole? And you know it'll get worse. And without a doubt we'll have false accusations by others who just want their 15 minutes of fame. Everyone is appalled, yet nobody ever said anything. For fucks sake, Hillary Clinton took millions in campaign donations from Harvey and called him a friend. Her hubby likes to shove cigars up inside intern's yet she'll say she's disgusted because Trump said "grab em by the pussy"? I don't want to turn this political, but all these people are so fucked in the head and living in La-la Land that, they forget that there are real people out there with real problems. Women are brutally raped and killed on a daily basis and Hollywood is speaking out against some actress giving a fat movie exec a handy-j in his office to get a part. WAKE UP!

So now asking a woman out more than one time is sexual harassment. Eventually holding a door, already considered sexist, will be some kind of sexual harassment. And people wonder why the Japs are making life like sex dolls? I get it! The whole Harvey thing is Hollywood's (and the leftist dip wad's) "cause de jour'. Just a couple weeks ago they were preaching about the horror of the Las Vegas shootings. Before that it was because of what Trump said. Before that is was...oh I can't even fucking remember because their causes are so fickle and self gratifying that I stopped caring. Fuck Hollywood and their "concerns". All they care about is their next role. The next role they may have to suck a dick to get. So please don't lecture me about ANYTHING Johnny Depp. Fuck off Leo Dicaprio. And Robert Dinero can go eat a big bag of dicks too! You're empty people who care only about yourselves and how you look in the public eye. You can't say anything worth a shit unless it's in a script and you can practice it in front of a mirror in order to perfect it.

I don't even talk to women I don't know anymore. I'll say a cordial hello and goodbye but that's it. You can't say or do anything these days without being accused of being a creep, stalker, or sending out a "rapey vibe". Will this fake "sexual harassment" fad die out so that real sexual assault can stop being diluted by the poor actors and actresses? God I hope so, because there are real victims out there that can use this sort of awareness.

Lastly I'd like you all to realize that this is all coming from a guy who's been known his whole life as saying what he wants, to whoever he wants, when ever and where ever he wants. My intent was always to get a laugh, a reaction from people, or for shock value. People are so fucking sensative these days the fun is gone. That's why I'm here doing this shit. Some people still like my humor and me...if you can actually fathom that! And just for ye olde time sake, and so you know I'm not getting soft, I'll leave you with my own words of wisdom:

No means yes, and yes means anal! =)

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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