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Those Evil Statues.

They came like thieves in the night. Masked men dressed in black. Snipers at the ready on the rooftop, waiting for the word. Then that cocksucker Mitch Landrieu gave that word and the Battle of Liberty Place monument was removed. That started a frenzy in New Orleans that would include the removal of the Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, and Robert E. Lee monuments in an attempt to appease the black voters of the Crescent City and stop the high crime.

Well how's that working Mitchie boy? What? It's not? Well what the fuck did you expect to happen? Let's face it, removing the Confederate statues was never about crime. It was about trying to pander to a group of people that have been suckling at the gub'ment teat for decades. You see, now money is drying up. Cities are broke, especially the sanctuary, liberal cities. Giving away free shit is getting harder and harder so what's next in the playbook? Extreme pandering. Calling every fucking thing that isn't black, "racist".

Seeing as one piece of shit politician can't be out done by another, other cities started jumping on the "Remove Confederate Statues Bandwagon". All of a sudden, these monuments (that are now monuments to U.S. War Veterans) are being taken down faster than Harvey Weinstein's pants at a casting call. But as I said as Robert E. Lee was removed from Lee Circle, it won't stop at Confederate statues, and it didn't. Schools, roads, and anything bearing the name of any Confederate have been deemed "racist" by the gutless, fucktard politicians. The Democrats (who fucking loved slavery) are leading this cause, and the Republicans (who freed the slaves) sit there with their dicks in hand not saying a fucking thing. Because they are spineless cowards who only want to be reelected. They don't give a shit about anything else.

So as more statues come into the Democrat's racist cross-hairs, nothing seems to be safe. WWI, WWII, and all Lord knows what else will be added to their list. Well to that I offer up a big FUCK YOU! Did they tear down Auschwitz? Can we remove any and all slave museums? Hell, can we send all black people back to Africa? Where does it stop?

Soon we'll have a nation of young adults who were indoctrinated by the gub'ment because they control everything. They were provided for from cradle to grave, kindergarten through college, and all areas in between. The only history allowed is the history the gub'ment deems acceptable. The diverse history of our country. Diverse only meaning non-white. You can take what I am about to say any way you want. I am proud to be white. If Jose can be a proud Mexican, Leroy a proud black, and Chang a proud Chinaman, why can't I be proud of who I am?

This is all a divide and conquer tactic by the news media and politicians. They want total control of your life. You're too dumb to do anything but the all knowing politicians will guide you through it and give you what you need. Well again...FUCK YOU! both sets of my Great Grandparents came to this country essentially penniless. They came here because there was the hope of a new life, and new opportunities. They received no help from the gub'ment. They learned the language, and worked hard every day of their lives. Today, immigrants (legal and illegal) come here for all the free shit. They get tax breaks, welfare, free housing, you name it. I continue to work my ass off as my ancestors did when they came here. Lots of us do. Yet we get nothing from the gub'ment except higher taxes, and we're pushed to the back of the bus so that they can pander to those that will vote to keep them in power.

They say the D.A.C.A. kids are dreamers. Well fuck them. My ancestors were dreamers, your ancestors were dreamers. They all came here to grasp that American Dream. Hell, we're still dreamers because I dream of the day the fucking gub'ment starts to worry about it's citizens and what we want! You know, the gub'ment that is "for the people", not these career, fucktard politicians who spend all their time and our money to re-write our history, our laws, and our future in order to gain the votes of people who are not even here legally.

Boy this went off on a rant and I lost focus of the main idea I had. Well, that happens sometimes. Removing our history doesn't change the past. Seeing what we were like 150 years ago compared to today is how we know we've made progress. And we have made progress. The race hustlers will always cry racism because it's in their best interest. They make money off their manufactured racism. And politicians will continue to use race to gain voters and vilify anyone not on their side of the aisle. Career politicians claim to offer up the solutions to our problems, while most voters never realize that the career politician is, and has been the problem for the last 60 years. We should be removing them, not statues.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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