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So much for the "melting pot".

While gearing up for Halloween, my favorite holiday, I've been seeing the term "cultural appropriation" being flung around more than monkey shit in a primate house. So, here we go...

The crybaby snowflakes don't want little kids dressing up for Halloween as Indians, Mexicans, and God knows what else. To dress as another ethnicity, to them, is "racists". Well...FUCK YOU! If we're gonna start talking "cultural appropriation" then tell the Mexicans they can only eat tacos, Chinese can only eat eggrolls, and the Indians have to get out of the casino business and move back into teepees!

Wasn't the whole point of this country to create that "melting pot"? America was an idea. Started up by our forefathers who the left is now vilifying. Anyone can come here (by legal means) and be an American. When these many nationalities came here they brought there food and culture with. As the generations progressed the culture and heritage continued but at the end of the day everyone was AMERICAN!

These days, everyone wants to be separate. It's like the fucking high school lunch room. Mexicans over here, blacks over there, whites at those tables, and Chinese...well we only had one Chinese kid at my high school and he sat with the white kids. I guess he's a racists, he should have been sitting by himself at the "Chink table". But seriously, WHAT THE FUCK??? People bitched when blacks were slaves, then there was segregation, the civil rights movement, MLK Jr., Rosa Parks, and a half black President. NOW! The blacks (not all) and the left want nationalities and race segregated. No more Taco Tuesday. No more Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day. No quiche for breakfast and no more all you can eat Chinese buffet...YOU GO HOME NOW!!!

The whole point of this place was that you can come here and be and do anything you dreamed of. The many choices of food, culture, religion, and employment gave you the freedom to carve out a life that you loved an enjoyed. If a white suburban kid wanted to grow dreads and eat watermelon and fried chicken seven nights a week, so be it. If a black kid wanted to join the croquette team, work at the GAP, and eat at Chipotle, he was free to do so! These social justice warriors claim they want everyone to play nice together. Well that means we all have to share our toys you fucktards!

I want to be able to eat Orange Chicken while wearing a sombrero, lederhosen, and listening to zydeco music with my Confederate flag flying high. It's America for Christ sake. We used to be tough, no nonsense bad asses that didn't piss and moan about the little things. We had our sights set on the big picture. We stood up to evil and we took pride in that. While radical Islam is running unchecked, and corrupt politicians continue to fuck us, what are we worried about? Little Billy's Halloween costume. Or letting perverts piss in a womens' restroom. The left will never fight true evil. Instead, they will manufacture evil and fight that so they look like they are the champions of good over evil.

You can pretty much tell what season you're in or what holiday is just around the corner with the "cause du jour" that the fucktards are screaming about. So strap yourselves in because after the cultural appropriation ship has sailed, we get to listen to how the Pilgrims were racists, Christmas is too Christian, and whatever else these bored out their mind, head up their ass cocksuckers dream up next. Happy Halloween and be sure to appropriate another culture in your costuming.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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