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Excuse me while I whip this out...

Well it's Friday. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing anymore. Usually the "news" that breaks Friday we get to listen too all fucking weekend. Regurgitated all God damned weekend by the high and mighty, morally superior news media. So sit back, strap yourselves in and get ready for a weekend of SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!

Charlie Sheen, Corey Haim, Loius CK, fucktard politicians. Everyone's doing it. It's safe to assume that if a guy has ever looked at a girl then he's a sexual predator. At least in the eyes of the "news" and Hollywood. know that magical place where they make movies and fuck children? Yeah...that place. The place that tells me I can't own a gun and that as a white male, I'm a racists. The same people who love Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Harvey Weinstein. Those morally superior fuck holes who look the other way when a child is sexually assaulted.

Now I can care less if some no name acrtess has to suck a couple dicks to get a part. As long as she's 18. She's in Hollywood and she knows how the game is played. But to hear these Hollywood assholes condemn everyone and anyone who's ever looked at a girl, knowing full well their friends (and maybe even them) has had their unit balls deep in Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and a host of other child stars who always seem to end up strung out on drugs or killing themselves. Gee...I FUCKING WONDER WHY HOLLYWOOD???

Corey Feldman is a douche. Sure he was Mouth in the Goonies, but regardless, he was abused as a child. AS A CHILD! And that is wrong. But know Jenny MaCarthy is saying that Steven Segal sexually harassed her?'re a whore and your career ended right after you sucked who's ever dick you did to land in Playboy. So shut up! Louis CK is now under the gun too. Two women comedians said he invited them back to his hotel room (and they went) at a comedy festival in Canada and he started to masterbate in front of them. Well shit...that's my average Tuesday! Uh...couldn't they have left? Nah...they'll sit and watch and years later tell everyone how they were victimized and "sexually assaulted". So clearly "choking the bishop" is now a no-no. Well if that's the case...locke me up and throw away the key! Maybe Louis' self tenderization was a comedy number? I don't know...was it funny? Ask these two broads how the fucking show was. They clearly stayed and watched!

Like everything else in a 24 hour "news" environment we have today, anything and everything is subject to being offensive to somebody. FYI: Sex with children and abusing children is still, and always will be wrong and if you do should die. But Jenny McCarthey, and every other Hollywood starlet/harlet sucking dick for roles takes away from the real issue. Real abuse of women that goes on everyday. Rape, domestic violence, that shit is wrong, but Hollywood has to get involved and the "cause du jour" waters down the real issue. Then the child rapists in Hollywood divert your attention to make it look like they care.

I've had people tell me "well you shouldn't judge, you're not perfect". No...I am far from perfect. BUT...I have never, nor will ever fuck a child! So am I judging those who do? You're God damn right I am! That's sick, and if you're a fucking pedophile I hope you die a painful miserable death. You are of no use to society and provide nothing but destruction to a child and their innocents.

Hollywood can so suck a bag 'o' dicks. It's a shit show over there. Bust the pedophile ring up and shut the whole fucking thing down. What will we lose? Another shitty Star Wars remake? Iron Man Part 33? Nothing original has come out of Hollywood in years. We'd be better off. Then we don't have to listen to all these know-it-all, self righteous, fucktards tell us how morally corrupt we are. The whole time hiding and protecting people that find sexual pleasure in children. Making them as guilty as the actual pedophiles. a little worked up there. Try and have a good weekend and watch those kids. Buy a Louisville Slugger and tell anyone who watches, teaches, coaches, or plays any part in your child's life that you will crack their fucking skull in the blink of an eye if they ever harm a hair on their little heads. Because death is the only cure for pedophilia.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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