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Happy Thanksgiving!

I know this blog is being posted late but hey...I was updating the website and adding merchandise to Gus O'Neil's Black Market. So check it out and buy a few stocking stuffers! More importantly, enjoy your Thanksgiving and I wish you cocksuckers safe travels to where ever it is you're going. Stuff yourselves full of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sweat potatoes, and anything your lil' heart desires. Loosen that belt, unbutton those jeans, lay back and sleep it off. It doesn't get anymore American than that!

For those of you brave enough (or dumb enough) to get up at the ass crack of dawn to go shopping on Black Friday, you're idiots. Good Ole Gus did that once! ONCE! I was nearly trampled and killed for a shitty $50.00 portable DVD player. As I was literally wrestling with a fat piggish woman in a moo-moo dress I realized...what the fuck am I doing? I let go of the DVD player and she ran off with it like it was the last piece of prime rib at the buffet at Caesar's Palace! So from that day forth, Black Friday can!

So as you're beating the shit out of each other for that $50.00 flat screen t.v., remember that this is the season of giving and to love your neighbor. And uppercut that cocksucker right in the jaw and grab that fucking "My Little Pony" castle for your daughter or otherwise she'll grow up to be a stripper and probably end up marrying a black guy. All because YOU weren't man enough to kick the shit out of the other dad to get your princess that one present she really wanted. Now she hates you and you have lost her forever. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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