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SHIT! He's back. =)

Well it's been a long time since I posted a blog. I'm sure you don't care why but I'll tell you. There has just been too much going on. Shit going on in my life, and all the bullshit going on in general. Everyone's either fucking somebody, harassing somebody, politicians are crying, welfare queens wanting more free shit, blah, blah, blah! It overloaded the system and I just needed a fucking break. A minute to reset myself. Clear my head. Get back to the simple things. Then some fucktard, candy ass, little douche nozzle reports me to Facebook for simply making a comment! Now those that know me have seen the shit I post over there. I troll, I try to piss off these little snowflake shits every chance I get. But this was merely a comment, a reaction to previously getting banned from Facebook. So I get banned for posting offensive memes, and then I get banned for replying about getting banned. I love it! Friends have said "just stop posting that shit." WHAT??? Uh...NO!!! These dick licking little ass hounds preach about free speech and how the "Alt Right" and Fascists oppress it. Well, they are the Fascists and the ones choking free speech. If I wanna say that Mark Zuckerburg sucks more cock than Corey Haim at a Charlie Sheen sleep over, that's my free fucking speech. Now of course I can't threaten anyone or promote violence like these left leaning jizz wads do, but the rules don't apply to them. We all know that and have seen it first hand. But let's be honest. I'm really a nice guy. Sure I may butt bang your sister and wipe off my equipment on your mother's drapes, but who wouldn't right?

My point is that being blogless for almost two weeks was nice. I didn't have to sift through the petty bullshit of politicians, race hustlers, cry babies, the easily offended snowflakes, the fucking morons, and all the other dick holes that cry about every God damned thing on the planet. Shit...I'm crying about them right now! GOD DAMMIT! I look at it as venting. Therapy if you will, and maybe some of you cocksuckers agree with me. I wouldn't know because not many reply or publicly acknowledge that they find what I do funny. When I post a nice, wholesome, offensive meme on Fuckbook (not a typo), I can see how many people have seen it. In some cases it's in the thousands. And yet there will only be 3 or 4 reactions or likes, or even comments. Why? People are worried now that if they like something that goes against the grain, something offensive but funny, they'll suffer some sort of backlash or punishment. Their boss will see it and the shit will hit the fan. More important, why is your fucking boss a FB friend? That's pretty god damn stupid.

So enjoy the memes, the really offensive comments, and my potty mouth blogging. I won't change. Never have, never will. I give it to you cocksuckers honestly, and I appreciate when you do the same. We all have opinions. We all have assholes. And both are usually full of shit and smell foul. But have we gotten so far out of whack that a simple comment can ruin lifelong friendships? Cause family feuds? End relationships? We've been going down that road for sometime. Have we jumped the shark in regards to it? I'd like to think we have. Social media has been a thorn in our side as soon as politicians figured out they can use it to promote propaganda. If you read it on the internet it's true. No need to site sources, or provide facts for your argument. Just keep spewing mindless talking points and call everyone that doesn't agree with you a racists, Fascist, Nazi, etc. But remember to keep this in mind. The one's saying that they are tolerant, accept all people, and strive for peace and communism are the MOTHER FUCKERS WHO ARE THE MOST VIOLENT AND INTOLERANT! But if they spew "Peace & Love" on FB then they must be good wholesome people. So let's not judge these parent basement dwelling cocksuckers. Just kidding....fuck them!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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