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The Moral Compasses

Just when you thought we w're almost out of the woods with the whole sexual harassment craze, Al Franken drags us all right back into the still bubbling pot of shit. Yes, the moral compass that is Al Franken decided to resign from the Senate. Did he decide? Or was he told by the Democratic party to "take one for the team"? You see now, the Democrats are going to push their "we're for women's rights" agenda. Never mind Bill Clinton fucking anything with two legs and using interns as cigar humidors. Never mind the Kennedy brothers (John & Bobby) tag teaming Marilyn Monroe in the White House. And let's not forget their little brother Teddy who likes to drive women off bridges after he does the nasty with them. Then Tony Weiner sexting with underage girls, and all the others. There's many, many more, but those are the highlights of the party that now decides to boast about their fight for women's rights.

Now where have I seen this before? Oh yeah! Fuck me! When the Democrats SUPPORTED SLAVERY AND SEGREGATION! Then one day...POOF...they were against slavery and segregation. Why? Well to advance their political longevity that's why. To get votes. To stay in power, and to stay rich. They're always fighting for the "poor people" too! It's pretty hard to see those poor people from those mansions and yachts you cocksuckers! But I digress. Democrats fought tooth and nail for the Jim Crow laws in the south. To maintain segregation, and let's not forget the fucking KKK was started by the Democrats! Southern politicians ALWAYS used the Confederate Battle flag in their election advertisements/propaganda. The same flag they are now slandering by saying it's a symbol of hate (gotta get that black vote). They speak out against slavery and segregation, yet they championed those causes. So what the fuck? Which is it? Are you for or against slavery? Are you for or against women's right? Make up your god damn minds already!

The problem is, they can't. They hold no moral ground (though most politicians regardless of party have no morals) and are purely driven by their feelings, which clearly change every time there is an election, or a swing in their potential voter base. The only thing they believe in is themselves, and keeping things just as they have always been, but giving the illusion that they are the underdogs fighting the good fight. But all politicians, again, regardless of party, do that. They only care about us when it's time for us to vote. Then they divide and conquer, and pit us against each other to come out victorious, and the champions of what ever the "cause du jour " is that day, week, year, or election cycle.

Basically, career politicians are the cause of all our problems. Regardless of party, they are ALL FULL OF SHIT! But it seems the Democratic party really attracts the shittiest of the shitty. So what do we do? Term limits? That probably won't happen in our lifetime. So vote out these hypocrites, these champions of equality and vote for the little guy. Your neighbor, the small business owner, the retired cop. Vote for people who have worked hard for the life they have. Not some flunky, sleazy, fucking career politician who only knows how to bullshit us into voting for him or her again. Someone who goes into politics penniless, and leaves a multi millionaire. The whole time blowing smoke up our asses and getting us to believe that this ship is going to sink unless they are at the helm. Constantly reminding us of how we need them. Well guess what you cocksuckers? You need us, we don't need you!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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