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But that's my spot!!!

Mardi Gras is just around the corner. My favorite time of year. I wrote a blog about it, go back to the archives and read it. Parades, throws, friends, family, food, adult beverages, and my usual spot to catch all my favorite parades. WELL NOT THIS YEAR!!! That dick hole of a mayor Mitch "Statues" Landrieu decides he's going to remove the Canal Street loop from the god damn parade routes this year. It's his last big "fuck you" before he leaves office. I'm taking this one personally. The spot I have occupied as long as I can remember, gone. Why? Because Mitch just likes fucking the citizens of New Orleans, that's why. He takes away our Statues, dilutes our history, culture, and now fucks with our Mardi Gras spots!

Some who read this will simply say "Big deal. Find another spot." Well it's just not that simple. I can't go over to another spot and kick those people out. They have been there with their family for years, maybe decades, maybe even generations! You just don't do that. You're to make friends during Mardi Gras...not enemies. But Mitch doesn't care. He'll go on thinking he's the greatest thing since "Nickle Night" at the $1.00 whore house. He's used New Orleans and it's people to advance his political career and now he's done with us.

So as I plan my attack and try and figure out where I'll be to watch the parades this Carnival season, I'll remember all those good times on Canal. Right out there in front of The Astor, with bags of Krystal Burgers, Miller Light Tall Boys from Marriott's beer tub, playing catch with the football throws with the people above on the balcony, and many more. I'm bummed. I really am. I'll most likely take a spot nowhere near Canal this year. I'll start new memories and traditions. But I won't forgive Mitch "Statues" Landrieu. His policies, political aspirations, and narcissism have taken away part of this city's charm and character. We're old, we're historic, and we like it that way. If you want to live in some pearly white highrise in a concrete jungle, MOVE TO SEATTLE! Or any northern city for that matter. But leave New Orleans culture and heritage alone.

Fix the crime Mitch! That's what you should be doing. Weed out corruption! But that's difficult and're as corrupt as they come! So in order to make it look like you've done something the last eight years you remove statues, reroute parades, and tour the country talking about how great of a mayor you are. Playing race politics in a city that never really cared about what color people were. We respected and welcomed everyone. Now, thanks to you and the other career politicians of this country, we're all fighting and pissed off at each other. You've set race relations back 150 years and I hope you're proud of yourself. You own this one you dick hole. But you're such a narcissistic jizz guzzler you can't see the forest through the trees. You say you love NOLA. But all you love is yourself and the bullshit legacy you think you're leaving. Now excuse me you high and mighty pecker head, I have to find a new place to watch my parades thanks to you!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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