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The Last Rant of 2017

To say that 2017 was an interesting is an understatement. We got a new president,, a bull market, and a whole host of shit that's borderline ridiculous. Politicians started taring down statues, renaming streets and schools, everyone's getting raped, harassed, discriminated against, and and wronged in some fucking form or another. It seems for every positive thing that happened the Fucktard Brigade had to come up with 5 things that were negative. Can't people be happy anymore? Everyone's a victim, everyone is hurt by somebody's words, everyone is just so precious and fragile. Well fuck you! I was raised the old fashioned way, and I'm not very old. Work hard, and when you're knocked down, get up off your ass and get right back to doing what you were doing. Fail numerous times and learn a little more each time you do. Eventually you succeed. Sure life is hard, it will always be. But sitting around crying about it doesn't help anyone, namely yourself. Did someone call you a mean name? Make fun of your ethnicity? Ah shit....laugh it off. Hit them back with a counter joke and laugh. Like we used to. Pollacks are dumb. Asians can't drive. Mexicans will eat anything they can wrap a tortilla shell around. Irish are drunks. Blacks love watermelon, and so on, and so on.

Let's grow some balls in 2018. Let's make our grandparents and past generations proud by returning to that America that kicked ass and could accomplish anything. We're not perfect, but we're the best nation there is. Let's also honor our history for Christ sake. History, good or bad, tells a story. It tells future generations how we got to the point we're at. Though this ultra-sensitive crybaby state we're in now is mind boggling, I'm hoping it's jumped the shark. Yeah we had slavery. But before you judge anyone from the past with your modern views, read a fucking book about it! We don't have "Whites" and "Colored" water fountains anymore, I never owned or sold slaves, and no blacks alive today were slaves or picked cotton. So I don't want to hear about it anymore. Career politicians always speak of "the future for our children". Yet, all they do is drag up racial issues from decades ago to keep stirring the shit pot and to constantly win reelection.

Speaking of reelection, how about a big "fuck you" to the career politicians. You know, the dick holes that love to spend our money, lie to us to stay in power, and get rich at our expense? Yeah...those degenerate tit lickers that would sell their own mother for a campaign contribution. They all sit there and say "Democrat this" or "Republican that" but they're just different sides to the same coin. I want the Gub'ment out of my life. Let me raise my children, provide for my family and most importantly, LET ME KEEP MY FUCKING MONEY! Stop giving billions to countries that hate us. Stop pandering and paying for all the god damned illegals too! We've got our own CITIZENS (some of which are veterans) homeless and hungry, let's worry about them for a change.

I know I'm all over the place with this blog so just deal with it. Some of these points are topics I never had a chance to write about this past year. Will I write about them next year? Probably not. I wanna move forward. Look ahead to a new year with positive eyes. I have some new things planned for 2018 as well. The youtube channel will be launched and I'll continue to piss off the snowflakes and most certainly get banned and reported on Fuckbook every few days. So the more things change, I guess the more they stay the same. Thanks for reading, visiting my site, and laughing with me and at me. Tell your friends, share my memes and web address, and I look forward to insulting and pissing off all you godless, heathen cocksuckers in 2018!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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