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The Southern Gent's Podcast

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2018. I wanted to make the first blog of the year all about what I plan to accomplish in 2018. I'm not going to start puking out resolutions because we all know those are complete bullshit anyway. So, I thought I would (and maybe just for my benefit) map out exactly what it is I want to do this year. 2017 was a good year. I launched, started selling merchandise, started my Facebook fan page. Was banned countless time from Facebook, kicked off various politicians' FB pages, caused shit storms, arguments, and a cornucopia of laughter and memories for all you loyal cocksuckers. But I still get the occasional question from people who stumble on my site and/or FB page..."What exactly do you do Gus?" Well...that got me thinking. How can I up the ante in this new year? Sure I'll still troll, make fun of politicians, and just be the asshole you've all come to know and love. But how can I use my super powers for the good of mankind? Well, how about podcasting?

Yes, there will soon be a podcast that will feature myself and my good friend Johnny Reb. It's to be called "The Southern Gentlemen's Podcast". It'll focus on southern history, Confederate history, and whatever else we decide to throw in there (expect a lot of NOLA shit). It'll be entertainment gumbo. Prior to Mitch "Statues" Landrieu removing the Confederate monuments here in New Orleans, I mostly poked fun at pop culture and really fucking stupid people. But once he started destroying New Orleans' history I was genuinely pissed and outraged by it. Then I started all the memes, flooding his FB pages and NOLA pages with all the "Mitch Memes" that you can still see over at, in the gallery section on the main page.

But memes will only get you so far. And they're satire, they don't really educate you cocksuckers. It gets a laugh out of you and then you move on. I want to share with you (as does Johnny Reb) the history of these men that have become the whipping post for the ass hat politicians. Their stories are epic, and the facts have all been skewed for political gain and vote pandering. And let's not forget about good ole fashion Southern Pride & Heritage. That has now been vilified and considered "racist" by these Social Justice dick wagons.

Aside from the podcast I have a youtube channel that has sat dormant since about August. I've just been busy and didn't really know what I was going to use the channel for. Well, the podcast will be available there as well as other various outlets. I'll keep everyone posted. I'll also post whatever random shit I want on the youtube channel. Stupid things I find funny or I have made. perhaps a weekly video blog, because I know you just love my ramblings so much. We shall see. But the podcast will be the first new venture of 2018.

And seeing as I'm the topic of myself. I'll use this time to tell you once again about all the Gus Gear you can get over at my "Black Market" at If you haven't been there lately there's shirts, mugs, and stickers. Nothing crazy and nothing you probably need. There is a shirt available there I designed called "It Will Always Be Lee Circle". ALL the profits from that shirt go to Sadly, we've sold only one shirt (since August)...and it was I who purchased it. I had contacted the organization and said I designed the shirt for them and will be donating all the profits and nothing has happened since. I know money is tight for everyone, but maybe skip that midget porn subscription this month and by my Lee Circle shirt? My dream was to have a shit ton of people wearing these in Lee Circle this Mardi Gras. That will probably not happen, but a man can dream can't he? I'll be releasing my last t-shirt for a while this Friday. January 5th is "12th Night". If you're not familiar with it, google it and learn something. The limited edition 2018 Gus O'Neil Mardi Gras shirt will only be available for three weeks and then retired forever. If I see you wearing one at any point in or around New Orleans I will personally buy you a drink. So don't delay! If they sell half as good as the Lee Circle shirts I won't sell any! And I'll have all that beer money to myself and I will forever think that y'all are the cheapest, slimey toed, cocksuckers that have ever walked this big blue marble.

So that's what you can expect from me, more or less, this year. Stay tuned for that podcast and go buy some merchandise. Visit my site and FB pages and engage in the troll fest. You might surprise yourself and not be offended for a few minutes. But eventually you'll roll your eyes, swear at your monitor and leave all pissed off and bothered by something. It's only a matter of time.

Laissez les bons temps rouler~ Gus

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