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No blog for you! One week!

Good day to all my loyal cocksuckers. It's been a hell of a week. I've been sicker than a vegan eating a shit popsicle. But I'm finally starting to feel better. It's been almost a week since my last blog and all I've heard was more sexual harassment bullshit and Oprah for President. Sweet Jesus the fucking world has gone mad. So what should I cover in today's blog? Well I already covered how I feel about all this sexual harassment nonsense. But to recap for those that are late to the party...these Hollywood harlots sell sex and have sucked more cock than a $2.00 whore on nickle night to get roles and to advance their careers. But when some guy tells them they're hot, asks them out, or puts a hand on them (I don't care where) they scream SEXUAL ASSAULT! It's all about them. There's no such thing as bad publicity in Hollywierd. You gotta keep your name in the papers and this sexual harassment shit is currently how they're doing it. But it takes away from the REAL victims of domestic violence. Women who are truly assaulted, raped, sold, murdered, etc. And that is why there #metoo campaign is bullshit! They don't care about women, they only care about their god damned name in the news.

And what about Oprah for President? Well seeing as she has pimped out countless women/girls to Harvey "Bag o' shit" Weinstein...I don't see her political career going anywhere. She clearly knew what was going on, embraced it, and is now talking out of the other side of her mouth to condemn it. People in Hollyweird and fucking hypocrites! When will you people wake up?

So what else do we have? There's been a lot of interest brewing regarding my latest venture, The Southern Gentlemen's Podcast. That should see the light of day in the next few weeks. Currently I'm getting all the ducks in a row as far as websites and facebook bullshit to get the word out. But Johnny Reb and I plan to record the first episode in the next couple weeks...GOD WILLING! If you visit the podcast site you can wet your appetite with a few little ditties by your's truly. Just CLICK HERE.

I have still not decided where I'll be perched for Mardi Gras dispensing my throws. I may just walk the Quarter this year and hand them out. A portion of my usual krewe can not attend Mardi Gras this year so I am losing some man power. So keep an eye out for me, wearing my usual Mardi Gras mask that I have worn for the last decade. I'll have beads, cups, a few t-shirts, shot glasses, and more. =)

By now you're reading this and thinking "what the fuck is today's blog even about?" Well, I'm calling this the Seinfeld Blog. It's a blog about nothing. So it's for all you close talking, regifting, master of your domain, soup Nazi, cocksuckers out there. Enjoy. Because you could be getting a blog full of bleeding heart, leftist, bullshit. Telling you how you should think and how Gub'ment should take care of you. I don't expect (or want) everyone to agree with me all the time. Shit...I'm far from perfect and will never know everything. So differing opinions cause me to research and even LEARN THINGS! Imagine that? It used to be like that here. People could differ on politics, talk about it, maybe even argue. But at the end of the day they were still family, still friends, and nobody was "unfriending" each other on Facebook. Partially because the social wreckingball that is Facebook wasn't around yet, but for the most part people had respect for each other and each other's opinions. Thanks for nothing Mark Fuckerburg!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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