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Shitholes & Racists

Shithole. A pretty self explanatory word we're all familiar with. No doubt that everyone gets their own vision of what a shithole is when they hear the word. I think of Gary, IN. Perhaps Detroit? A few foreign countries. Some restaurants I've been in. Even a few people's homes. The term shithole is all encompassing. It's quite a diverse term. And now, apparently, is racist. Ah the word racist. When the "shithole" craze dies down we'll still have everyones favorite word to fall back on...RACIST. I remember growing up we didn't give a shit what color you were. If you were an asshole, we didn't like you. If you were nice, treated others with respect, and were a joy to be around, we'd be friends. But not today. Race is infused into every fucking thing that everyone does or says. Even if you try to avoid it, others will take your words and infuse their racial agenda into it. Nothing is spared. We have racism, cultural appropriation, sexism, misogyny, and the list goes on. And most people vomit these terms out like a frat boy after a night of beer bonging Keystone Light. It's exhausting and it's simply sucked the fun out of everything.

You can't say anything anymore (well you can't). We've forgotten how to laugh at ourselves, and in turn, life has gotten stale and bland. I used to love coming to work to hear the jokes. The Polish jokes, Irish jokes, black jokes, and Mexican jokes. We all told jokes about each other, laughed our asses off and we were all still friends. We got pretty brutal too. But we had thick skin, were tough, and just liked to laugh. The mentality was that simple words can't hurt you. But boy how the times have changed. Tell people now that one of your favorite all time movies is Blazing Saddles. It's one of mine and I can recite it from start to finish. It's pure cinematic genius. Mel Brooks wrote the black jokes, Richard Pryor wrote the white jokes. THAT'S why the movie is funny. When they started filming it, Pryor was writing the black jokes and Brooks the white jokes. Mel Brooks has said that they filmed for days and the movie sucked. Then somebody had the idea to flip it. And what we are left with is a cinematic masterpiece that shows how tough and thick skinned we used to be.

These days, as children eat laundry detergent, I wonder...where the fuck did we go wrong? Words offend everyone. Statues offend everyone. Our history offends everyone. So what's left? Why, in the privacy of my own home, can't I fly a Confederate Battle flag, watch Blazing Saddles, while dressed like Hitler? I have never owned slaves, I'm not anti-semitic, and I've never sent a black sheriff to a town to do a job in hopes that the townspeople would kill him. Don't we have bigger problems? Shouldn't we be worried about our families, our kids, getting out of debt? For most people it seems the answer is no. They'd rather be offended by everything and anything so that they can use that as a crutch to be nonproductive. They're perpetual victims. When the fucking Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, we woke the fuck up and unleashed a world of hurt on those slant eyed yellow bastards and they deserved what they got. My grandfather fought in the jungles of China, Burma, & India against Tojo and his band of torturous assholes so that future generations could learn from it and hopefully never have to go through what he did. He, and all those courageous old timers ran into war, heads held high to protect our way of life, our history, our legacy, and our future. It happened after 911 as well. Brave men and women volunteering to run right at those goat fuckers to defend us once again.

I like to think that there's still people like that today. In fact, I know there is. Our military is full of "those people". There's many that are not military that would defend this nation to their dying breath. I know many of those people as well, I like to think that I am one of them. People who don't need the Gub'ment to tell them how to live, raise their kids, or provide for them. They're productive members of society with jobs, a moral compass, loving families, and pride in this nation and a willingness to defend it. They're most often referred to as "racists" by the Left, Liberals, and Democrat politicians. Funny thing is, these folks are white, black, brown, yellow, red, and various shades of those colors. So racism is no longer having two water fountains, one for whites, one for coloreds. It's no longer standing out front of your child's school with a sign that reads "Whites Only". And it's no longer making negros ride in the back of the bus. The Democrats have turned "racism" into anything that goes against their agenda. An all encompassing term to silence anyone who does not conform to their way of life or thinking. It's quite effective too. Who likes or wants to be called a racist? Well here's the deal cocksuckers. No matter what color you are, if you stand in the way of the Democrat machine, you will be branded a racist.

I want to go back to the days when we judged people by their character. I don't care what color you are, who you want to marry, or what God you believe in. A little fear in God never hurt anyone. This place was envisioned by our Founding Fathers to be a melting pot. A place where you can sit and have a taco, side order of sauerkraut, a slice of watermelon, and wash it all down with a beer. It's what makes this place so great. We're many different colors, but we're all AMERICANS! And as soon as the Left stops playing race politics, and stops trying to turn this place into a third world shithole (there's today's word kids) through their immigration policies, we can be united as Americans. But consider this. How dangerous would we be to the politicians if we were all united? They have to divide us, it's the only way they get to keep their phoney bologna jobs. Now somebody go back and get a shitload of dimes!

Laisses les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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