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Propaganda 101

When I was a youngster (I'm currently 44) I couldn't wait for history class in school. I loved it. And I read about anything I could. I usually read the whole history book in a few weeks because I was a history junkie. Then I learned my Grandfather fought in WWII (CBI Theater) and I constantly asked him questions about the war. From there I started reading more and more about WWII. That lead to an interest in Korea, then Vietnam, and it spiraled out of control from there. Soon WW1 was in my sights and about 6 years ago I really dove into the War Between The States. Yes, the war between the states. That's what it was called when I was learning about it in school. We learned the good ole fashioned way back then. Names, dates, battles, factual information, with no real commentary or personal interjection by the teacher. It was their job to TEACH us. Not instill their opinion in us. When I speak about historical topics I always offer up the facts. When speaking to schools and other organizations I never let my opinions enter into my presentations. After the fact or during a discussion with those in attendance I may offer up an opinion of mine. But I make it clear that it is just my opinion. I always encourage those I speak with to further read and research and can supply them with places to go and suggestions on material to read. My how times have changed...

The toilet bowl that is social media these days has really turned history into a shit show. Though the world's history is being raped by these revisionists, I am only going to focus on U.S. history for this blog. Basically, everything I was taught as a kid in school is now wrong. History is not taught anymore. Opinions and propaganda are force fed to children. And if you get a little smart ass like myself that questions this "new history", well that little shit is called down to the principals office and further reconditioning commences. I was told by my son's teacher years ago that he was "disruptive" in history class. He and I always talked and read history together. So when his teacher said that George S. Patton Jr. was a four star general during WWII my son was quick to correct her that he only became a four star after the war during his governing duties in Bavaria. She of course told him to be quiet and during the parent teacher conference a few weeks later I was told this. I told the teacher "you know lil' Gus is right". To which she replied, "oh, I see where he gets it from". It wasn't until I Googled it and presented it to her that she replied "her text book was wrong". She doesn't even know what the fawk she teaching! This wasn't the only account either. But it seems that teachers don't necessarily have to have any knowledge of the subjects they teach. They just read shit out of a book, give a test, and collect their paycheck. Now this is of course a gross generalization. I'm sure there's great caring teachers out there. But at what point are they forced to conform to this bullshit curriculum in order to keep their jobs? They have to eat and provide for their families, but to what expense?

It has been said that the victors write the history books. For the most part this is true. I suggest any history junkie out there, read a book on WWII written by a German, British, French, or even Japanese author. Much is the same, many things are different. So who do we believe? They all usually agree on the winners and losers. But the reason for waging war, and even the events that took place during the war are not always in agreement. So each country writes their history books with their own countries best interest at heart. Enter in the Democrat/Leftist agenda. Their goal is to take everything that made this country great and turn it around to be racist to some group. This country is not perfect. No country is. And one theme that keeps surfacing to discredit this nation is slavery. Slavery was brought to this continent by the British, French, and Spanish. African nations sold their peoples into slavery (usually their enemies and prisoners but not always) for profit. Yet, white america is constantly bombarded with accusations of being racist, white supremacists because of slavery. Well let me say it here, I never owned slaves and my family never did either. Hell, they didn't get here (and they LEGALLY immigrated) until 1918. So why the fuck am I called a racist? Why do I get to sit here and listen to race baiting politicians and "Reverends" tell me that I'm a racist and that the black population, whom have never been slaves, should get reparations. Why? Well for votes of course. Everything is so God damned politicized these days. You have the extreme Right, and the extreme Left just slinging shit in every direction and folks in the middle are left sitting there holding plastic over their heads like they're at a fucking Gallagher show. Dodging political rhetoric like sledgehammered fruit.

Government has crept into every aspect of our lives. Federal government specifically. We have Honest Abe to thank for that. Preserve the Union at all costs, and to hell with the state's rights. The Federal Gub'ment knows all. We have politicians that only care about reelection and feel they are royalty and should be treated as such. Well I do believe we fought a fucking war to get rid of royalty. Check it out yourself if you don't know or believe me. Who's to benefit from this rewritten, watered down history that the kids are getting now? THE POLITICIANS!!! Democratic politicians more so than any other. The less the lemmings know the better. The Democrats will sit there and call you and I racists, yet it was they that started the KKK, voted against every attempt at desegregation, and supported Jim Crow laws. Again, if you don't believe me, look it up. The racial divide that we are seeing in this country is being manufactured by the Left in order to rewrite history and get the black vote. We're seeing the same tactics with the illegals flooding in from Mexico in order to get their votes as well. Yes we are a country of immigrants, but the immigrants that came here legally (mine included) wanted to come here to work and BE AMERICAN! They didn't come here for welfare and to turn this nation into the shithole they came from. America is an idea. A place that you can come to if you are willing to work hard in order to achieve your dream. It is not a place to sneak into and be catered to by Liberal politicians who throw their constituency under the bus in order for the illegals (who have no rights here) can live here and supply an infinite voting base for the Democratic party with all their anchor babies.

They say the DACA kids are "Dreamers". Well guess what you morons...the legal citizens are dreamers too! How about you start taking their dreams into account? How about we start giving veterans free health care instead of the illegals? And what if we started getting rid of these career politicians? Let's make them get real jobs and have to work their asses off 50 hours a week. We don't need the Federal Gub'ment in every aspect of our lives. We used to take care of ourselves, our families, and we were better off when we did. Once that "All knowing Federal Gub'ment" gets it's slimy, corrupt fingers into things it's damn near impossible to get it out. As Ronald Reagan once said. "the eight words you never want to hear are, I'm the government and I'm here to help."

No political party is innocent. They all have an agenda, but the Democrats have done a fantastic job of dividing this nation's people based on race. Up until a couple years ago, I could wander around the French Quarter and talk to people all day long and never once give a shit about the color of anyone's skin. I've talked to black people in front of the Jeff Davis monument, slavery and racism was never mentioned. Spent Mardi Gras at Lee Circle with black people and slavery and racism was never mentioned. It wasn't until the Democrats felt it was time to spark this controversy that things changed. We have to all wake up and smell the coffee. We're being manipulated by the people who are supposed to be working for our best interests. They work for their own personal gain and to hell with us. They live like kings and queens at our expense and think we are too stupid to ever realize it. The more society is dumbed down, the easier their job gets. So let's not make their job any easier. Read, learn, and vote the career politicians out of office. And most important, don't buy into their propaganda!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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