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This whole Gus phenomenon started back in May 2017 when Mitch Landrieu started tearing down New Orleans' history. I was extremely vocal on Facebook and was banned from many New Orleans and Louisiana politician's Facebook groups/pages. I was outraged that our Southern History had started to be erased. I made meme after meme, I made and sold shirts, I continued to voice my opinion regardless of peoples "feelings" or at the expense of being Non-politically Correct. The website came along and it had almost 100 hits a day. Currently there's about 30 hits a day, just shy of the Hillary Clinton look a like porn vids on I get many likes on Facebook, though not many people engage in conversation or comment. I get why, most of what I post is meant to get a laugh or a rise out of people and not really meant to initiate deep, intense, thought provoking conversation. I realize what I do here is a niche market. The sensitive people run away as fast as Rosie O'Donnell running for an all you can eat buffet. There's moderates who casually stumble on my offerings and maybe laugh but can't care less either way. Then there's the people (30 of you apparently) who visit my site almost daily to get your dose of "asshole" from your's truly. But the site didn't really accomplish what I had intended it to. I wanted it to be a place where people, both from NOLA and abroad, could go to see what was happening in this wonderful city, laugh a little at my humor, and maybe learn a thing or two. But it's become as barren as Nancy Pelosi's uterus.

So what's next for me? Well just to be clear, I'm not doing away with the web site. I will be overhauling it though into something that works a little better. I'm going to spend some time doing the podcasts with Johnny Reb as well. I had a reality slap a few weeks back when I lost a dear friend. Our time here is short, so if something isn't working you have to change it. Happiness is my ultimate goal. We strive for that our entire lives. Some are lucky enough to achieve it, some search for it until their dying day. I don't want to be the latter. I"m grateful for what I have and have no complaints or regrets in life. I've traveled the country playing music, recorded a few albums of original material, and have seen more shit that you can possibly imagine. The one thing I wasn't doing back then (when I seemed happier) was politicking. I've said it before, but constantly consuming yourself in the daily shit pool that is the media is exhausting. The extreme Right, the extreme Left. The constant back and forth and for what? CNN and Fox ratings. We need to turn off the t.v. and start living our lives again. Put all that energy and passion into our families, our hobbies, hell...even our work. I have a beautiful wife who puts up with all my crap, and two wonderful children. Lil' Gus will be 21 tomorrow and where the time has gone I have no clue. I was blessed with a daughter a year and nine months ago and that little firecracker has me on my toes 24/7.

Am I getting soft? I don't thing so. I think as one gets older they realise what really matters in life. Is this a midlife crisis? Perhaps. But I have no desire to leave my wife, buy a Ferrari and start popping the babysitter. I just think I have become numb to the juggernaut that was Social Media. I love keeping in touch with friends across the country via Facebook. But all the shit I have to sift through to see what I really want is tiresome. I've left all but a few groups there in an attempt to simplify things. But the adds are really getting annoying and seem to be increasing daily. It's turning into one big commercial. So I've been spending a bit more time on Instagram.

By now I'm sure your asking "what the fuck is your point Gus?" And my answer is, I have no idea. LOL I had another blog all ready for today. Another rant about political shit and other assorted nonsense. But as I was rereading it before posting it, I felt it was uninspiring. Then I got to thinking. Why am I doing this? Back in May it was to cry out with other New Orleanians about removing monuments. It was fighting the mayor who decided that he was going to change New Orleans' history just in time for it's 300th birthday. The city changed after Katrina and it's changing again. Some days I feel that it isn't my NOLA anymore. I've talked to others that have similar feelings and others who say I'm crazy. Perhaps it's the world changing around me. I was raised the old fashioned way. Probably the last generation to be raised that way. We were taught to open doors for women, respect our elders, we were to be seen and not heard, and we listened to our parents. If we didn't, we usually got a lil whack on that fanny to keep us in check. No big deal...I survived.

I'm really looking forward to finally getting the podcast going. If you're living under a rock, or just got the internet yesterday check it out, The Southern Gentlemen's Podcast. I think the solitude nature of the website and my ramblings here is what's sucking the life out of this endeavor. I always work better when I can see the reaction from people. In true comedic fashion you can build on that, it inspires you and is more entertaining. Right now I feel as though these blogs are talking at you, instead of talking with you. They're one sided, though they're my opinions, I usually look forward to the reactions of people, and I am just not getting that. The interaction I do get is from the same few people and it is appreciated. Some of them are even bigger assholes than me, and they are quite entertaining.

So as I start this sixth paragraph I realize, I haven't said much. I've vented, bitched, and just wrote whatever came to mind. Most of you probably won't get this far down. You probably bailed out around paragraph two or three. Thanks a cocksuckers. For those of you still here, I thank you. I guess it all comes around to basic human interaction. Something the internet, Social Media, and the computer age has taken away from us. That's what I crave, I think that's what the whole "Gus O'Neil" things needs. I've taken the memes and the dick jokes as far as I can on Facebook. It's a cesspool overthere and not getting any better. Sure I'll keep my pages and groups there, and you'll still see my memes, and maybe even a dick joke or two. I hope they make you smile, laugh, or piss you off. I'll take any reaction or rebuttal, good or bad. With that said, you'll start to see the website being redesigned a little each week, and you can catch me on The Southern Gentlemen's Podcast, and follow me on my Instagram account. Thank you for soldiering on through this 6 paragraph snooze fest and I look forward to a new and improved direction for all that is "Gus O'Neil". Now, go out there and do something productive with your friends and family you limber dicked cocksuckers. =)

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ GUs

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