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Long Live Chief Wahoo!

As you look at this you're probably wondering "Gus has posted blogs two days in a row? Is he crazy? Has he gone mad?" I assure you, I'm ok. But really pissed off this morning so I have to vent. Most may not know I am a huge baseball fan. I'm a fan of the American League Central and my favorite team is the Chicago White Sox, and my second favorite team in the ALC is the Cleveland Indians. I learned last night that the owner of the Indians decided to remove his balls as well as Chief Wahoo from the uniforms next year. Why? Because about 15% of the fans didn't like that lil red devil on the uniforms. So what about the 85% that did like him? Well fuck them! The crybaby, offended cocksuckers once again get their way. The "C" logo that Cleveland has been using on their away uniforms is awful. A fucking "C"? Really? Couldn't come up with something better? It boggles my mind that simple words and pictures can offend someone. Are you that much of a pussy? How do these dick cheese eating fucktards make it in the real world? If a cartoon Indian offends you what is your day like? How many times on average, per day, are you crawled under your desk in your bullshit little cubicle in a fetal position crying for your mother? Don't cry for her, she apparently raised a pussy. She never told you that life can be a bit trying at times and you will not always get your way. She failed you, she should have swallowed you instead of letting daddy finish in her lady parts!

So when will this madness end? Can we just make every team logo a blank white square, take down all the statues, remove all history and just cut to the fucking chase already? But when everything is gone, will these temper tantrum tallywackers be satisfied? HELL NO! They'll find new things to be victimized by. New things that hurt their vaginas. It'll never end until somebody, anybody, stands up and tells these little shits to deal with it, move on, and go out there and live your life. It's short, and if you spend all your time being offended you're wasting your time on this big blue marble.

So if a cartoon Indian offends you I offer this solution. Wrap yourself in your blanket laced with small pox, grab your peace pipe (cause all these little snowflakes are fucking pot heads), beat your tranquility drum and just get the fuck over it already! Enough!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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