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Everytime I write a blog, I try to keep it short and sweet, but from the heart. I try not to use a lot of unnecessary words, and don't want you to have to spend 30 minutes reading it. It should be just a few minutes of your day, cause you to laugh, smile, or be offended, and then carry that through the rest of your day. This blog may not be short. I'll try, but there's no guarantees with this one. It's a topic that rolls around in my head a lot, especially in recent days and weeks. That topic is God and religion. Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out. I have to see all your bullshit all over facebook everyday. Your cat pictures, your fucking bratty kids, your ugly wife, and do I say anything? Well I usually do...but not always! So read this, you may understand me a little more in the end.

I (like most New Orleanians) grew up Catholic. I went to Catholic grade school, Catholic High School, and even two years at a Catholic college. I learned the Ten Commandments, received 5 out of the seven sacraments, went to church (still do on occasion), and though I may seem abrasive and confrontational, I don't go out of my way to harm people or try and ruin anybody's lives. So let's start at the beginning...

I learned the Ten Commandments as a child. God's laws. Disobey any of the ten and you are going STRAIGHT TO HELL! That scared the shit out of me as a child. I didn't want to burn in hell. So when I was contemplating an act that I knew wasn't on the straight and narrow, I thought to myself, "if God sees this I'm going to hell. I better not do it." That kept me from doing a lot of bad shit as a child. But as you get older, you get rebellious, and eventually you do stupid things. Thankfully, when I was young there were no cell phone cameras so there is no proof of the stupid things I did. It was nothing criminal, just pranks, scuffles among friends, maybe kissed a friends girlfriend a time or two, nothing I'd serve time for. But in the back of my mind there was always "Hell". Now I admit, as I got older (about half way through high school) I asked myself, is there a god watching my every move? Keeping tabs on the things I've done, sitting in front of that big bowling alley projection score card marking all the times I've fucked up? Is he wearing sandals as he sits there? Or does he even have to follow the bowling alley's rules and wear those ugly, uncomfortable shoes? My point is, that those Ten Commandments are not a bad thing. They're a rule book to be a good person. Yet, people fight tooth and nail to take them out of every government building, and to not teach them in a public school. Their reasoning? "The separation of church and state". Well here's a news flash you dip shits. The separation of church and state means that the state cannot mandate a religion. The state (gub'ment) can't tell us what god to worship. The Ten Commandments are not telling us to worship any specific God, but they are telling us to be nice to people, and is that a bad thing? Catholics/Christians get beaten up a lot (Jews too) and their core belief is to be kind to others. We've got Muslims flying planes into buildings, throwing gays off rooftops, and stoning women because they left the house without a chaperone. Yet...those on the left praise the "Religion of peace" and do anything they can to accommodate it.

Let's pause here so you can give your eye rolling a rest and let me say, I know there are exceptions to everything. I'm painting with a broad brush, so relax and look at the big picture. Now let me continue...

God has been systematically taken out of everything. You can't even say Merry Christmas without some jizz drop getting offended. What is Merry Christmas? It's a way to wish you well. Would I be offended if a Jew said "Happy Hanukkah" to me? No! I'd wish it right back at him or her and take it for what it really is...a kind fucking gesture! We don't see too many of those these days. Instead we see a lot of offended little fancy fucks crying because anything and everything bruises their little twats. They preach tolerance but don't posses one drop of it. Tolerance is having your views/opinions, but realizing others have their's as well. So we have to all get along. I don't like rap music, but am I pushing to ban that shit? No! I just don't buy it, listen to it, or even think about it. So if you are not religious, that's fine. But others are, to varying degrees, so get over yourself. With that said, I does bother me when anyone pushes their religion onto other people. But using the Ten Commandments reference again, it's not saying you must be Catholic/Christian, it's telling you to be nice to people and treat them the way you wish to be treated. This country was founded with Judeo Christian values, and as those values are being deteriorated by the "separation of church and state" we see more acts of violence and intolerance than we do kindness and tolerance.

The family unit has also deteriorated in the last 30-40 years. I was taught that you should only have sex when married. If you do it outside of'll go to hell. So as I crank up the A/C as I drive the bus down (I'll save my close friends a window seat) I can ponder that mistake. My point is that kids are having kids because their parents were kids when they had them. No morals are taught because those morals were deemed "religious" and removed from the education process. It's pandemonium in the ring and they're starting to beat the shit out of each other with folding chairs! Let's go to Mean Gene Okerlund at ringside for the play by play!

"Thou shall not kill". To me that's a no brainer, unless of course you break into my home, or try to assault me or my family. But outside of self defence? Nothing is worth killing for. Were there wars? Yes. I support the military 110% and I know you can't make an omelette with out breaking a few eggs. When I talk about killing I am referring to it on a personal, one on one level. Yet there are evil degenerates in this world who are evil and decide to kill. Regardless of the methods used, it is them who made the decision. NOT the weapon they used. Why did they kill? Greed, lust, power? So they broke a few of those Ten Commandments right there. Maybe the dickless wonder that just shot up the school in Florida could have been saved by learning those Ten Commandments. So again...are they that bad?

Sex and violence are all over the place. Next time you're at Target pissing in the bathroom of the opposite sex, look at the ads in the store, look at the mannequins. Short shorts and belly shirts for the little girls, drooping pants on the boys, I refuse to shop there, it's a Leftist's wet dream. They don't support the military or veterans. They put the safety of women and female children at risk by catering to the mentally ill tranny crowd, letting grown men (who are so fucked in the head they think they're women) piss in the Women's restroom. Here's a news flash. If you have a penis, you pee in the men's room. No penis? Pop a squat in the ladies room and have a nice day. Women wear pants and pee in their bathroom. Men in dresses and wigs can pee in the men's bathroom. I'm gonna look at you funny, but I don't want you in there with my wife and/or daughter. Are we all in agreement on that one?

Is religion and God a bad thing? When taken to extremes? Yes, it can be. The anti-religion crowd will always throw the Crusades out there. Well here's a history lesson for you Sandy, the Crusades were a retaliation to Muslim aggression. You know...that religion of peace I mentioned earlier? So enough with that already. Read a history book because you sound worse than Fergie butchering our National Anthem! If religion (Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Evangelical) instills a set of morals into children how is that a bad thing? All they're saying is play nice with others, share your toys, and don't steal the kid next door's toys. It's not brain surgery people (but I know a good one if you're ever in need) so what's the big deal?

Where do I stand on Religion? Did you not read my babbling above? I took a course on World Religion in college. That Catholic university I mentioned earlier. It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken. It showed that most religions (sans Muslims) are pretty much the same. The story may be different, but the message is clear, it's what Jesus said, not Jesus the mexican guy that works at the tire shop over on North Broad Street, the guy they nailed to the cross, "do unto others as you'd have others do unto you." GENIUS! Now did he really say that? Who knows, it's not the point, it's just good advice. And when I die, let's assume I go to heaven (maybe God likes my website and my memes) no matter who or what God is, evil is clearly defined. Any God from any religion knows evil. But how can God allow evil in the world you ask? Well we allow fat chicks to wear yoga pants, idiots wear white after Labor Day, and we allowed Julia Roberts to fuck and marry Lyle Lovett for God sake! So maybe this is all a test, God's little board game. He's up there watching this trainwreck the way some of you "dead inside" dick holes watch the Kardashians. Waiting for that season finale. The big reveal, or just waiting for the commercial break so that he can go take a leak. But something tells me God has the power to pause live TV.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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