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Not Even the Dead Are Safe

It started almost a year ago on Confederate Memorial Day, April 24, 2017. The Liberty Place monument was removed in New Orleans under the cover of darkness. Masked New Orleans firefighters did Mitch Landrieu's dirty work. Police snipers were perched high up in the parking garage across the street keeping a watchful eye for anyone that was going to protest or get violent during this destruction of history. Soon after the Liberty Place monument was removed, monuments to Jefferson Davis and P.G.T. Beauregard were removed. Finally the day came when General Robert E. Lee was removed from his pedestal at Lee Circle. According to Mitch Landrieu, the failed mayor of New Orleans, these statues needed to come down because they were racist. Truth be told, Mitch has done nothing to clean up New Orleans. Crime is rampant. Murders, rapes, armed robberies, hear about them every day here. City infrastructure is crumbling, politicians getting rich on kick backs and bribes, and what was Mitch's number one goal? To remove history from a city that is dependant on history to attract tourism. New Orleans is unique, there is no other city like it in the United States.

When all this started I had said that the Confederate statues were the "low hanging fruit". They were the easiest statues to start with because Mitch branded them "racist". How we've let our politicians get this powerful is beyond me. We should never trust politicians (regardless of party) because all they care about is their reelection and getting rich at our cost. So the Confederate monuments came down in New Orleans. Then we started to see other Confederate monuments start to fall like dominos across the country. And I still said, this was just the beginning. There's more to it than the Confederacy.

Well here we are. The new monument to be attacked is a cross for World War 1 veterans. A judge ruled last year that the cross in Maryland honoring WW1 dead was unconstitutional. That has stirred up the same argument regarding the crosses marking the graves at Arlington National Cemetery. Momentum was built with the removal of Confederate monuments, now they're going after dead veterans. VETERANS! These assholes are claiming "the separation of church and state" as their reason to tear down crosses in a cemetery. The separation of church and state means that the Government cannot mandate a state religion. You and I are free to practice any religion we choose. It doesn't outlaw religion in federal, state and local government buildings or property. All I can say is...FUCK THESE PEOPLE ALREADY! Atheists, Democrats, Progressives, Communists, Socialists, please all go to hell already. When will Americans stand up to defend our history, and now OUR DEAD! Do you want some fucktard little bitch from Seattle who's had more abortions than Rosie O'Donnell's had jelly donuts telling you and your family you can't put a cross on a loved ones grave? These little commie/socialist jizz wads are running around unchecked and get their rocks off forcing their opinions onto us. They preach diversity, equality, and tolerance but fail to lead by example. They're in their mid to late 20's (even early 30's) and still sponging off mommy & daddy and living in their basement! They've never seen the real world yet here they are, telling you and I what's wrong with our country. Pushing their Socialist/Communist agenda down our throats and the media perpetuates it any chance they get while the politicians fall in behind them and back this anti-American bullshit.

Please wake up people. These little shit balls received a trophy for everything they've ever participated in. They have gotten whatever they wanted by throwing temper tantrums and crying until mommy and daddy (and everyone else) have given in to them. They think they are the smartest generation that has ever lived yet they eat Tide Pods. Their delusions of grandeur might even surpass those of Barrack Obama. The world/country was a better place before and without them, so do not give in to them. We're surrendering our history, and now the memory of the dead soldiers who died protecting our freedom, to fickle, egotistical, selfish children who feel they know it all because mommy and daddy have told them their whole life that they were "special".

Below are some links about Arlington and the cross in Maryland. WAKE UP PEOPLE! This will only stop by us pushing back. Your history, culture, beliefs, and now your dead relatives are under attack and we all need to speak up and make our voices heard.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

Court Ruling Could Banish Crosses from Arlington Cemetery

40ft Cross Is Unconstitutional

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