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True Colors

Day in and day out for at least for the past year I keep seeing the mainstream media (left wing media mostly) telling me what is, and what is not "racist". Basically anything white is considered racist. Anything religious is called fanatical, and anyone who has any sort of pride for this great Nation is branded a nationalist and or Fascist. Words will never hurt me, nor label me. If you call me a racist, I call your mother whore. Call me a fanatic, and I'll call your sister a whore. Call me a Fascist and I'll call your father a bisexual, crossdressing, glory hole attendant that only works on nickle night at the truck stop. Remember when race, color, and creed didn't matter? It wasn't that long ago. The left wing Commie/Socialist cock holes are hell bent on destroying this Nation. The Nation that my relatives (and your's) fought and died over to preserve our freedoms.

The left wing media's favorite whipping post is the Confederate Battle Flag. Being a student of history for all my life, I know what this flag represents. First off, the media calls it "The Confederate Flag". It never represented the 13 states that (rightfully so) succeeded from the Union. The flag that makes the hair on their vaginas stand up is actually the Confederate Naval Jack (rectangular) and was used from 1863 till 1865. The square version is The Confederate Battle Flag/Naval Ensign. Here's some interesting facts about what the flag(s) that the media calls "racist" stands for.

The Naval Jack and Battle flag used the same colors as the American flag: red, white and blue. New Orleans' own Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard is was credited with this decision. But what do the colors mean? Now get ready because you're about to learn something:

Red represented the valor of the Confederacy. As in the case of the original United States flag, it represented hardiness and the willingness to sacrifice. Red was used as a background of the most popular flag, the "Battle Flag." Other Confederate flags showed white as the background.

White - In the language of flags, white represents purity. Innocence of ideas is what is attempted to be represented by using white. Some Christians also attribute the usage of white in a flag as sign of the represented country's allegiance to God and his son.

Blue - The blue of the Confederate flag is a dark or navy blue. This blue was also known as "Bonnie Blue." The blue of the flag later was also known to represent justice as well as the perseverance and determination of the people. Stars - Beauregard added one star to the Confederate flag for each of the states in the Confederacy. The first seven stars represented belonged to South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. After the Battle of Fort Sumter, stars were added for Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, and Kentucky. There were eventually 13 stars.

Cross - What looks like an X on the "Confederate Jack" is actually the cross of Saint Andrew. Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus who later in life became a martyr. When the Roman government set about his crucifixion, Andrew protested. It is reported he asked to be crucified in the form of the X as he didn't feel worthy to die in the same manner of Jesus. The Confederate leadership apparently felt inspired by Andrew's fortitude and adopted his cross into their flag.

Nothing stands for hate, slavery, or white supremacy. People back then took pride in their religion and believed strongly in a power greater then themselves. So when you hear the anti-religion leftists trash God and religion, it's no wonder they have no idea what this flag means. For the record, I am not involved in, nor support any of the hate groups that have been seen using this flag. They have hijacked it and tarnished it. They can all go fuck themselves with a rusty pipe for all I care. But many of those same hate groups have also used the American flag, yet "Old Glory" still maintains her piety. Neither flag should suffer at the hands of the bigots, TRUE racists, and hate groups. Both flags are part of our Nation's history and their true meanings should be preserved and taught correctly.

When I see ANY of the flags used by the Confederacy I immediately think old fashioned values, Southern pride & heritage. A slower than normal pace of life where people are always saying "hi" even when they don't know you. Black, white, and all the varying shades between. There are of course exceptions above and below the Mason-Dixon that are both positive and negative. Nothing is absolute. But I feel compelled to help spread the true meaning of the Confederate Naval Jack & Battle Flag/Naval Ensign. The easily offended left wing Commie cocksuckers even got the The Nashville Network (TNN) to take the Dukes of Hazzard reruns off the air! Didn't they ever watch the damn show? It was a positive show about doing the right thing, morals, and helping those that need help. There was nothing racist about it. But because the Confederate Battle Flag adorned the General Lee...the media went into a frenzy and demanded the show be taken off the air faster than Monica Lewinsky swallowing Bill's member in the Oval office.

So with that said, I make no apologies when the flag appears on any of my social media platforms. If it offends you, despite knowing what the flag(s) truly stand for, you haven't listened and you're being intolerant to my opinion. See how that works? Now go take that bruised vagina to your safe room, hug a puppy, and tell your mom I'll be there around 7:00pm and I'll expect a sandwich after I pleasure her this time.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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