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Confederate Mound

History has always been a passion of mine. I love to learn what life was like for my ancestors, and for a society in general. What was daily life like? The hardships, the good times, the issues of the time. In all my years learning, reading, and teaching others about history, one thing I have not done was judge the past through modern eyes. People 150 years ago were brought up differently, society was different, customs, opinions, all different. When reading about the past, wether its 50 years ago, or 250 years ago, I go at it with an open mind. THAT! Is something that today's social justice cocksuckers fail to do. They judge everything and everyone through their "Holier than thou" lens of perfection. Telling me, and most of you, that we are wrong and they are on the "right side of history".

Sunday, April 22, 2018 I attended a memorial service for the Confederate prisoners of war buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Chicago. These 6,000 men died at Camp Douglas of starvation, disease, neglect, and the elements. Of course the media had to shove it's nose up the ass of the SJW's in the name of "racism" and start a shit storm about how "white supremacists" are holding a Neo-Confederate rally at a Confederate "monument to white supremacy". Well I am here to tell you that the media couldn't get the ending of a porno movie right even if the male actors finished on their faces. The media is driven by sensationalism and ratings. You gotta wind people up and get them ready to pounce, facts/truth be damned! How many out there have dead relatives? A few I assume. How many of those relatives died while serving in the military? How many died a horrible death by disease, starvation, exposure to the elements, and neglect? Now if your great great uncle starved to death in a POW camp you and your family would probably honor his memory somehow. If he was interred in a mass grave you might gather with others who have family in the same mass grave and remember the men. It's respectful, and it's done all over the world, in all different cultures.

A few facts here pertaining to "Confederate Mound" in Oakwood Cemetery:

1. It isn't a monument. It's a headstone, a grave marker for 6,000 dead Confederate solders. Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958.

2. The grave at Oakwood Cemetery is owned by the VA and technically private property.

3. The memorial service conducted on April 22, 2018 was the 27th Annual service. For some reason, now the media and protesters feel the need to get involved all in the name of "racism".

So what are the protesters crying about? Well...racism. Anything that they don't like or understand is now racist. They say that they want a statue of Ida B. Wells erected and Confederate Mound removed because both are within an eye shot of each other at Oakwood Cemetery. Who is Ida B. Wells? Google her, rad all about her. Lets do a little math. The 6,000 CSA P.O.W.'s died during the Civil War (1861 - 1865). They were interred there long before Ida B. Wells died in 1931. So are we now going to start disinterring bodies because protesters don't like who their "heros" are buried near? There was a famous poster I saw growing up as a kid that showed a hospital nursery and a cemetery and the caption read "The two places were the color of your neighbors doesn't matter". Well not anymore! The ones screaming racism are in fact the ones pushing racism on everyone and everything they are to lazy to read and/or learn about. So if honoring dead men who are U.S. Veterans is racist...well If the shoe fits I guess.

I'm sick and tired of these little basement dwelling, feel good, latte drinking fuck wads telling me anything and everything I know, like, or care about is racist simply because they are ignorant of anything that happened more than a year before their vegan mother spat them out of her multiply aborted uterus. Get a fucking hobby. Look around. Do you see kids playing pick up baseball in the vacant lot? Riding bikes, hiking, camping, fishing? No. These little wasted cum shots are all here on social media telling you and I that we're racist because of their ignorance. Their hobby is self importance, and the media loves at as do the commie leftist politicians.

Getting back to the memorial service I witnessed. The protesters and media were constantly spewing white supremacy, racism, Neo-confederate, blah, blah, blah. What the fuck is a Neo-Confederate? I'll tell you. It's a way for you to connect the Confederacy to the Neo-Nazi movement and an attempt to lump both into the same hate group. I travel a lot for work. I Love the south. Anywhere you go people (REGARDLESS OF COLOR) are for the most part friendlier than a hungry dog who's owner has a crotch full of peanut butter. There's exceptions, there always is, but in general it's a very friendly, laid back, color blind way of life. As I write this I am in the Democrat stronghold of Chicago, IL. Where people would rather run you over with their car than let you cross the street. Fuck directionals on your car up here. If somebody sees you throw on a turn signal they race up next to you so you can't turn or change lanes. There's no "Northern Pride" or "Northern Hospitality". If someone can prove me wrong please do so. It's every cocksucker for themselves up here and there's more race politics and Social Justice Jizz Guzzlers than I care to see or be around.

What I witnessed at the memorial service made me feel at home. People from all over the southern states attended to honor their dead relatives. Despite what the media said, there was no white supremacy, no racism, just some prayers, a few Confederate flags, some Confederate reenactors, a couple tv cameras, and some onlookers who stood respectfully while the ceremony was underway. If you don't believe me see for yourself. CLICK HERE to watch the video I filmed for Johnny Reb. I did of course bring my Republic of Louisiana flag to represent the Louisiana boys that perished at Camp Douglas. But that is not to belittle ALL of those brave men no matter what state they served under. As I stood looking at the grave, I was awestruck by it's beauty. I had the same feeling that I had when I stood looking up at Lee in Lee Circle, or as I walked by Jefferson Davis' statue, or gazed up at P.G.T. Beauregard as I entered City Park. There was beauty and pride there. In NOLA, those monuments are gone, but it's alive and well here and should be appreciated, not villified.

So as I get ready to venture out into the "Land of Lincoln" today I'll remember a few things:

1. Do not use a turn signal.

2. Everyone is in a big fucking hurry to go nowhere.

3. If I don't give the black homeless guy my change I'm a racist.

4. If you say hello to someone you don't know you're looked at like a crazed psychopath.

5. Don't smile, people here think that's weird.

6. The shit they call gumbo up here is low grade dog food, except for Pappadeaux. They make me feel at home with good New Orleans cooking while I'm up here fighting the War of Northern Aggression all over again.

7. Yankees are sore winners.

8. I can't wait to leave!

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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