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All Glory Is Fleeting

It's been three weeks since my last blog. In that three weeks I've traveled for work, worked a ton of hours, and sort of removed myself from the day to day politicking on tv as well as on all the platforms of social media. I've ignored a lot. The release of hostages in North Korea. The Israeli Embassy issue, a new mayor in New Orleans, Syria, Iran, and the list goes on. I didn't offer up much (if any) comments about the current events. And you what? Nobody cared. I didn't get any emails asking where I've been, or what I was doing, or what I thought about anything. I Just went about my day and did what I had to do. As I write this I wonder, who's reading? Who cares? Does this help anyone sleep at night? It's doubtful. Ok, probably not. And maybe my reasons for doing it is selfish. It's really therapy for me. If I entertain a few people in the process great. If I piss a ton of people off, even better. But it seems neither has been happening as of late. No reaction is not a good thing. That means people aren't tuning in. I was told by someone (who I agreed to keep anonymous) that they love reading my ramblings and love the memes. But because of the job they hold, they can't reply, comment, or even acknowledge anything I post. They'd lose their job, be called a racist, bigot, sexist, etc.

So what's the point? What's next? I don't know. I'll keep posting my therapy sessions in the usual places, Shitbook, Instagram, and on the website. You'll get a blog once in a while if I feel inspired. I guess I'm doing this to keep my sanity and really no other reason. A year ago my memes were going viral all over facebook. The website had 100 to 150 hits a day. And Gus O'Neil shirts and coffee mugs were flying off the shelf faster than Spiderman Underoos at a NAMBLA convention. It was fun, it was entertaining, but it has ridden off into the sunset. I thank the remaining 81 Instagram followers for sticking it out. And the 20 people a day that still visit, I thank you as well. That's 101 people with my sick, twisted sense of humor and who apparently don't get offended everytime the wind blows. Perhaps the podcast will find a wider audience, we'll try that for a while. Until then, I'll be around. Off the beaten path and in my usual haunts. If you see me, say hello. I'm really a nice guy, don't let my big dick scare you.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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