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Old Orleans?

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you don't know what you got until it's gone (great Cinderella song by the way!). Lately all that has been hitting me smack dab in the man junk more than usual. New Orleans has always been a melting pot. Food, culture, music, and the people have always come together (great Beatles song, I'm on a roll) to make this city what it is. I consider it the party/festival capital of the world. I love the history here. Walking the streets in the Vieux Carre it's not hard to imagine what this place looked like a couple hundred years ago. We've always rallied behind the traditions of this city and never once cared about where you came from, or what color you were. There was a bigger picture and everyone here knew it, and lived by it.

In August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and changed what this city was, and could have been, forever. Now before you go yelling at me through your computer monitor, this is my opinion, so unwad your panties and enjoy the read. Katrina washed out a lot of New Orleans' population, native New Orleanians well versed in the culture and traditions of this great city. With those people gone, new residents started to saunter in to replace them. Many native New Orleanians returned, but many did not. So we get this influx of people from New York, New Jersey, California, Oregon etc. Liberal havens bringing their liberal bullshit here where it's run unchecked for over a decade. The culture here is changing. I've been stopped by visitors asking where there is a Mexican restaurant! You're gonna come to New Orleans and eat Mexican food??? I love Mexican food but the seafood here is to die for! For fucks sake most of it was swimming in the Gulf or Lake Pontchartrain yesterday! Now if you have seafood allergies there's still the Cajun and Creole cuisine. My point? People always came here to partake in what we've been known for. Jazz, Cajun & Creole cuisine, historic architecture, HISTORY, ghost & vampire legends, antiques, art, and the atmosphere that this place has had for 300 years.

Walk down Bourbon Street, the most "touristy" spot in town. What do you hear? Jazz? No, you hear hip hop and horrible cover bands butchering classic rock. You have burger joints, shitty hot dogs, pizza, and now Mexican restaurants popping up. There's nothing wrong with any of those things to some people. But that's not New Orleans. That's especially not French Quarter New Orleans. Come here and demand to hear Jazz as you enjoy gumbo, crawfish etouffee, while you sip on a Pimms Cup, Sazerac, or hell...even a fucking Hand Grenade! Get your shitty pizza and hot dogs someplace else. Hell, go to Chicago and get GREAT pizza and hot dogs. Great Mexican food there too. But enjoy what we're known for here.

For the last eight years Mitch Landrieu has chipped away at the race relations in this city. He pitted white against black for his own political gain. He removed historic works of art because he knew he'd done nothing else for this city. He neglected the S&WB (Sewage & Water Board of New Orleans) and half the pumps don't even operate now. He "fixed" Bourbon Street but know it floods everytime a tourist pisses out his or her "Huge Ass Beer" against any building in the Vieux Carre. Crime is rampant, and real estate is getting more expensive by the second thanks to investors buying shit up to make it "Air BnB" in an attempt to turn this place into some sort of Disney Land. I'd love to own a home in the French Quarter. But it's not happening because the market has been artificially inflated so that only the investors can afford the property. Why would you want native New Orleanians living in New Orleans? Well to perpetuate the fucking culture of course!

We have a new mayor here, LaToya Cantrell. And guess what? She's from Los Angeles, CA. So it'll be interesting to see what she does here. She has opened a dialogue regarding the restoration of the Confederate monuments, so that's a positive. But will they be returned to their original locations? That is yet to be determined. "Slavery" seems to be the theme of the day as well. Everywhere I turn it's slavery this, and slavery that. What fucking year is it? Did we just free the slaves? I don't recall anyone picking my cotton this week or harvesting my tobacco or sugarcane. Maybe that's because I'VE NEVER OWNED A FUCKING SLAVE! Enough already! I used to have great conversations with friends (black and white), tourists, and whomever else, about music, food, history, and all kinds of other topics. Now, I'm lectured about slavery. If one more cunt from California tells me that Robert E. Lee was a white supremacist I am going to lose it. Take your tofu eating, electric car driving, Phish listening ass back to Cali and fucking STAY THERE! I don't come to your state and demand Gumbo and Abita and ask you why so many gay people live in San Francisco do I? No. So don't come to New Orleans and deposit your commie leftist bullshit here. We've been fine for 300 years, we don't need your help.

It's no secret I've been in a funk the last year. As our history comes down I get more and more discouraged. As I look at people in general I don't see too many with a sense of style, self pride, or respect for others. It's all about themselves and their fucking cell phones. Selfies, Facebook, Google this and Google that. Nobody talks to each other and if they's about racist whites and fucking slavery. I knew this city was headed down the wrong path when I had some douchebag transplant with a New York accent tell me that I looked like a clown because I was wearing a sportcoat and straw fedora at one of my favorite watering holes. He informed that "nobody here dresses like that, where are you from?" When I told him New Orleans and asked where he was from he laughed and said "maybe Old Orleans, but not the New Orleans." That really hit me upside the head and made me realize what was happening. Is the culture changing on purpose? Are politicians luring other leftist assholes here to change what New Orleans has always been? Are these transplants coming here for work? Is the "slavery" issue being brought up to secure another generation of Democrat voters? I don't know. I'm sure it's a little bit of everything. But my point is that the culture here is under attack from a number of sources and a lot of people don't see it, or want to admit it. It's little changes here and there. Take this statue down, take that statue down, put slave plaques up all over the city, elect a mayor from Los Angeles, transplants have even suggested outlawing Mardi Gras beads! Look it up I'm not lying to you. It's death by a thousand paper cuts. Incrementalism at it's finest, the Left's modus operandi.

What's next for this city I love so dearly? I wish I had a crystal ball because I don't know. It's 300 years old and I'm afraid that my New Orleans, Old Orleans as that N.Y. cocksucker so eloquently put it, may not last much longer. I fear a cross between Detroit and Los Angeles is what this place will become. Los Angeles in regards to the commie left ideas being infused into this city, and Detroit because of the once great industrial giant that now sits mostly in ruin because it's currently a welfare haven for Democratic voters that unknowingly are still living on the Gub'ment Plantation. But I'm called the racist because I want a couple statues put back up.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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