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Endangered Species

We marvelled at the internet when it was in its infancy. The potential of the things it could accomplish. It can bring the far reaches of the world together, build bridges, take down walls, and all that other crap. But mostly its a vehicle for porn, and now the cesspool we call "Social Media". I've said it before and I stand by media is neither social, or media. Sure you can see pictures of your cute lil niece on facebook, or your friends barely legal daughter on prom night. But what has it really given us? Division, arguments, and it get's worse by the day. Now admittedly, I troll. Am I the best at what I do? No. There are guys out there that really know how to spark up the internet. And I see all that they say and do as entertainment. They usually don't mean what they say and are going for shock value, or trying to prove a point with extreme, over the top statements and/or memes.

Now I've had my share of over the top statements. I've done it for laughs, I've done it to piss people off. One thing I won't do is insult someone who sincerely is asking a question to better understand a subject, or opposing viewpoint. Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. studied Erwin Rommel in order to understand him, and eventually defeat him. Never underestimate your enemy. Never assume they are incapable, or unwilling. And never assume they are stupid. It's no secret my political leanings are to the "Right". I'm sure I make that clear. So seeing that I like to keep up on politics, I like to read both sides of an argument. I even like to see what that Ultraconservative "Far Right" is up to. I don't always know where to go to get that agenda so there are times I'll ask around.

What sparked this blog idea was an exchange that took place yesterday on our favorite social media platform, Facebook. It was your typical "liberals say this, Republicans say that". Then a guy mentioned that the Evangelical right wing of the Republican party want to take away and suppress my/our rights. Not knowing this guy's political leanings I asked if he could clarify the rights that these "Evangelicals" want to suppress and/or take away. At first I was blasted with talking points, then when I asked again I was told that they are against pornography and free speech. Ok, there's a jumping off point. I then asked where I could go to read more about this agenda. I was asking sincerely because I really wanted to know. As I mentioned above, I like to be informed as best I can politically regarding not only the Democrats, but far right Republicans as well. My last request was met with an insult which didn't bother me. What bothered me was the fact that nobody will talk or have a discussion anymore. Half of our problem here on this shit stained internet is that everyone is on the attack. Now I always say to "never deal in absolutes" so its not everyone, but it is a large portion of people who take to social media.

I later found out that the guy I had the exchange with wasn't a Democrat (as I suspected) but on the "Right" as I am. What made me want to blog about this is that this isn't the first time I've bumped heads with people in my own political camp. Back in the good ole days you can have friends who didn't fall with you politically and you were still friends. Then it slowly went to that if your Democrat friends found out you were a Republican you probably weren't friends anymore. Then it slid further into the shitter with the Left hating the Right, and the Right hating the Left...PERIOD! Well pull my pecker and call me a gravy boat! Now we have so much infighting among "The Right" that most people can't even have a conversation about anything. Aside from some memes here and there I don't really say shit on Facebook anymore. I"ve had so many bans that I lost count. One day. Two day. Seven days...FOURTEEN DAYS! Most of the time the shit I said or posted wasn't even that bad, it was mild for me. But you get some SJW keyboard jockey all fired up in his mom's basement and his balls grow larger than the Grinch's heart did on Christmas!

I've learned my lesson. You can't have an intelligent exchange on Facebook. It's dumbed people down, and it doesn't look to be improving. Everyone there is either a victim, a Rhodes Scholar, a Constitutional Expert, or a Social Justice Warrior. The Wild West days of the internet are over my friends. The jokers, trolls, and those seeking knowledge are mostly gone now. Soon to occupy the same list as the Dodo Bird, Betamax, the Commodore 64, and the American Motor Company. I'll probably stay optimistic, hoping that society turns around. Maybe I'm stupid. I just miss the days of good conversation. When people didn't get mad at each other for simply who they voted for. When people had the ability to converse and convey their thoughts and opinions for the sole purpose of helping the other person understand them, and not trying to change their mind.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Gus

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