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Oh Racism, Where Art Thou...

It was warm humid night in the Vieux Carre, I had just left one of my favorite watering holes and was slightly over served. I ducked off Bourbon and on to Dauphine to make my way home. It was only six short blocks to Front St. but alas...I was met by two black men wearing ski masks and Obama hats. They threw saltine crackers at me, called me a hetero-honky and then threw ranch dressing all over me. We scuffled a bit and I was able to break away from these nasty hooligans and.....oh fuck it. You get my point. Yes I'm chiming in about Jussie Smollett and his story that I said was BULLSHIT from day one! First off, I know Chicago and is not, I repeat, not "MAGA Country". Especially the area he was "assaulted" in. Then we have the infamous noose and bleach. My guess is the noose was supposed to trigger thoughts of lynching and the bleach...well maybe to turn him white? It worked for Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa so who knows. Then we got to hear how he was called a "fag" and a

"n--ger" and then he fought off his attackers and ran off never letting go of his delicious Subway sandwich. Really?

I actually got my ass kicked in Chicago once. It was many years ago. The guys came up from behind, beat the snot out of me and my friend hopped in a car and drove off. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and these guys were looking for a fight. They were white, my friend and I were white, oh well life goes on. We ran to my Aunt & Uncle's house which was only a half a block away, called the police (we didn't have cell phones) and filed the report. We never got a call from a detective, no suspects were ever questioned and I chalked it up to life experience and moved on. I did however DROP MY FUCKING BAG when I got my ass kicked and ran away. My friend also dropped his bag and lost his glasses in the beat down. After the cops left we went back and looked for our stuff. I'd have to say putting a noose around a black man would be very traumatic. The implications are nothing short of terrorism. So why was Jussie Smollett so calm when he got back to his apartment, casually said hi to the doorman, went upstairs and called the police 45 minutes later. I'll tell you why...because he was full of shit! And I said that since the day I heard his story!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a rock star. I had friends who wanted to be baseball players, football player, doctors, lawyers, etc. We aspired to be something positive and wanted to control our own destiny. It seems today that being a victim is a way to gain attention, a fast track to fame. Claim victim hood and everyone wants to help you, rally behind your cause, you're all over the t.v., internet, and overnight you become a household name. Jussie (who the fuck spells it that way?) is a gay, black actor. And I ask...who cares? Can't he just be an actor? A good actor, a bad actor? Why does it always have to be about color and sexual preference? Jussie was hard pressed to find the racism that the Commie Left always talks about because it isn't there. And when it does show up, it's usually manufactured, just as it was by him. Now don't get me wrong, if I walk through some sketchy part of NOLA at 2am I'm gonna get my cracker ass jumped. So...I stay out of said places. It's quite simple. But when I walk the streets of the French Quarter during the day I see lots of different color people getting along 90% of the time. So where is all this racism?

Sixty years ago whites had their own water fountains, blacks rode in the back of the bus. The KKK scared black voters into submission, and the Democratic party, led by Lyndon B. Johnson, aimed to control the black vote. By signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 LBJ declared...and I quote "I'll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years." The very political party that is accusing everyone of racism is the biggest racists of them all. And when things seem to be going smoothly, we get this cock swallowing Smollett to fabricate a story that would surely fire up the race hustlers and all the politicians. The truth be damned! The lefties have said it time and again, facts are irrelevant, emotions are real. So everyone has an emotional reaction and starts spewing linguistic diarrhea at lightning speed. It was reported that 20 Chicago Police Detectives worked the Smollett case. All that man power and resources wasted. Those detectives could have been solving real crime, violent crime, instead they were walking on eggshells and going over things with a fine toothed comb because the "victim" was a gay, black actor. If they didn't investigate they would be considered racist. And then as it became more clear that the attack in question was fake, people pushed back and said the cops didn't believe Jussie because he was black. You can't have it both ways people! The cops did their job, Jussie is a liar and hopefully will be charged accordingly.

Lastly, let's not forget about the "white guys" who attacked Jussie. Two black brothers FROM CHICAGO! They are not from Nigeria. They may be of Nigerian decent but they were born in Chicago therefore AMERICAN! Enough of the divide and conquer already. White/black, gay/straight, it's nauseating and is not helping anyone. What a way for Mr. Smollett to celebrate Black History Month. He probably considers himself the same caliber of human as Martin Luther King Jr. MLK had dignity, respect, and wanted equality. Complete equality. Judge a man by his character, not by the color of his skin. But it seems these days (according to the politicians) that all blacks are victims and all whites are racist. I think we all need to turn off the news, tell the politicians to go fuck themselves sideways, and start talking to people again. I've said it before and I'll say it one more time before I go. I don't care what color you are, whom or what you want to fuck or marry, or what God you do or do not pray to. All I care is that you are a stand up individual who is not a pedophile or some whacked Camel Jockey that likes to fly planes into buildings and wear dynamite vests while out on the town.

Nobody's perfect and shit comes in all colors. So as AMERICANS let's drop the many categories that the know-it-all politicians have put us in and simply be one group of Americans who can tell the politicians that they work for us, we do not work for them! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get my $5.00 foot long from Subway before this coupon expires. Does anyone need bleach, rope or a MAGA hat while I'm out?

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler ~ Gus

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